Interior Design Services

No two designs are the same, that’s what we call it, the science behind building a dream home.

Space Planning

Space determines how much carpentry works can be involved


Our professional hacking works will bring down those unnecessary walls to make space for more


The science of Interior Design comes from Carpentry works


Essential part of doing up a home, you need it


Magnify those spaces in between the walls, create an illusion of space

Tiles & Flooring

The finishing look of a home

The design process

What to expect?

Interior design at this present day and age means more than just merely hacking of walls, planning of space or choosing the materials/finishings/colors. It can be a big and huge ticket item in one’s lifetime or can be daunting for the clueless first timers. We get that most of the time, when homeowners get overwhelmed by the excitement and sometimes feeling uncertain and overly worried before they even got started.


Fret not, we are here to help and guide you into understanding the process and taking your very first step of picking the right interior designer for your home.

The first meetup

Naturally, we take each and every requirements into consideration with the finished product (renovated home) in mind, aligning both reality and procedures with concepts and designs. The Design Scientists also set apart from other Interior Designers – as the ID who listen and understand your needs.
We take in each detail and requirement from you, then back to the team, unlike other interior design firms who tend to over commit with the design proposal on the spot without putting in practicality and works involved. Our professional practise is to bring back the information, give it a thorough study from the floor plans, ideas and concepts will flow in naturally. Then that’s where design meets science, meeting your lifestyle goals and requirements.

The second meetup

After the first meetup, we will meet you to share what we have in mind and propose to you our design solutions to your needs. This is where we will propose some options on how we planned out each room and space, and how the moodboard and color theme will help you better understand and visualise your new home.

Subsequently, we hear your feedbacks, concerns and further understand your requirements to make additional revisions to suit your needs. After we have nailed the layout and design style, we will then be able to propose a detailed set of quotations for the project.

During the renovation

When time is so precious to everyone, working tirelessly at your day job is demanding, we understand how it feels like, therefore we value-add by coordinating with the purchasing of home furnishings, decorative items and provide you with some suggestions to help you save your time.


Once it is being confirmed, we will start off by sourcing the materials for your home. As the list goes on, we will bring you around to select the essential and core items for your home that will go hand-in-hand with the proposed style and theme, such as lighting, sinks or even the cooking stove.


As the internet is always evolving, especially around the interior design industry, we noticed homeowners are more well-versed with their preferred styles, lifestyles and more defined in what they are looking for. Our interior designers at The Design Scientist are constantly being challenged to source for inspiring and trendy-yet-creative materials to stand out from the rest apart from just providing what we are good at, design expertise.

Handing over

The whole renovation works ranges from a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from the date of confirmation, depending on the scope of work as some may take longer such as 8-10 weeks.
Here comes the best part, cleaning up of the messy leftovers. We will take care of the disposal of renovation debris, provide a general cleaning service as well as chemical wash.
Lastly, all the electrical appliances and home furnishings that you have painstakingly purchased over the few weeks and you can finally move in.