Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and treat it with utmost confidentiality and protection.


The Design Scientists always strives to protect homeowners’ privacy. We are committed to handling sensitive, intellectual and confidential information and data with utmost care.

Below are the points that define how we may take, utilize or store homeowners’ data:-

1. We may ask you for certain information like Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, solely for marketing purposes.

2. We may need to contact you for verification purposes.

3. We may also store the data provided by you in our protected systems or servers till the term of services or termination of contract.

4. We don’t share or sell your personal information for any promotional or commercial use.

5. We do not collect confidential information such as credit card number etc.

6. Once you subscribe to our services, we may update you with the promotional offers, festive offers or another service that you may require.

7. Any information filled in our contact forms such as name, contact number or email address will allow us to contact you.

8. Homeowners need to regularly visit our privacy policy page to remain updated.

Should you have any queries regarding how your personal information may be used, feel free to contact our team enquiry@thedesignscientists.sg