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Interior Design Trends for 2023

Interior Design Trends for 2023

As we have come to the end of 2022, it is not surprising that new interior design trends will start to emerge and surface up worldwide on the internet especially where interior designs are the talk of the town and not forgetting these trends are influential to our local interior design trends too, speaking of which; let’s explore these interior design trends for 2023!

Create more space with open-concept bathroom

Create more space with open-concept bathroom

A long soak in the bathtub after a work day helps you forget your tiredness and recharge your body and soul for the rest of the evening.

For most of us, we know bathroom is a very personal space and we want it to be the most comfortable place to be in, other than our bedrooms. How then can we can do with our existing or the normal bathroom? What does it mean to have an open-concept bathroom? Let’s read on to find out more what are the types of open-concept bathroom and which one suits you best.


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