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December 5, 2022

A long soak in the bathtub after a work day helps you forget your tiredness and recharge your body and soul for the rest of the evening.

For most of us, we know bathroom is a very personal space and we want it to be the most comfortable place to be in, other than our bedrooms. How then can we can do with our existing or the normal bathroom? What does it mean to have an open-concept bathroom? Let’s read on to find out more what are the types of open-concept bathroom and which one suits you best.


How open is open-concept?

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Basically, open-concept means breaking down the walls between the bedroom and bathroom walls, joining both as one which you can see through or install frosted glass panels as a divider without separating both areas (visually). Some homeowners may not be very comfortable with exposing it all, imagine having very little or no privacy with doing your toilet business.

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Double Sink

We know some of us prefer to have our own basin, using it at our own time or even together (sometimes) but dislike the fact to wait for each other especially in the busy mornings where time is not in our favor. As busy as one can get these days, everything is about efficiency and wasting/spending lesser time to get the most out of it.


  • Having a larger counter space
  • Larger storage space (beneath)
  • No fighting over who use the space first
  • Need a decent clearance space (in length) to mount the entire vanity top
  • Costly for an additional faucet, sink, mirror etc
  • May incur higher water usage (depends on individual’s usage patterns)

Unless you live by yourself, you probably split a bathroom with a romantic partner or roommate. And while they say that sharing is caring, at times it may be more beneficial for your morning routine to have your own spaces lest you want to be late for work if your partner takes a long time to wash up.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. The most common reason to choose a double sink is that you need more space because you share the bathroom with someone.

Slide it 

By installing a modular sliding door with pocketed openings certainly help in separating the bath and bed area. No doubt this may look a bit too fancy for some, but it does create some sort of personal space with the sliding door that blocks out the view from the bed.

Not only it turn your bedroom into a cozy-staycay room, it also brings up that romantic vibe with your partner in spending the time together doing different things in the same room! 


  • Certainly looks classy
  • Not as noisy as a fully open-concept bathroom
  • More choices in terms of choosing a door
  • May have one additional part to maintain, the glass doors
  • Pocketed glass door may increase the overall cost
  • Since it is made of glass, remember no slamming of door

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Image source/credit: Pinterest

Semi See-Through

This semi see-through option may sound favorable for majority as it doesn’t have the fully exposed effect yet it is still being demarcated by a see-through door panels reinforced with black aluminium frames, creating that spacious looking bedroom with a bathroom. Homeowners may choose to leave the door open the way it is as seen in the photo, for a classy semi-exposed look or keeping the glass door closed for a complete outlook with less disturbance coming from the shower area especially at late nights.


  • Sleek design with no door handle
  • Ideal for optional choice of sliding door but able to see-through
  • Bright natural light from both bathroom and bedroom windows
  • May be more costly due to the additional door setup
  • Maintenance of the door is required as it is made of glass
  • Extra care to note when handling glass doors

We suggest to opt for this if you want clutter free looking bedroom with no protruding parts sticking out such as door knobs or space beneath the bed or side table. Who knows you may even want to add on modular/movable table for some quick WFH tasks!


This stylish bathroom that is fully see-through certainly attract certain crowd of homeowners, not only the shower area is open but the dressing area as well.

Consider the fact that one has to go fully exposed right in front of the glass panel to shower isn’t the next best to do if you have a big family or kids running around. We would think this setup and design is more suitable for a bachelor pad, singles or for newly married couples. Additional window blinds can be installed later on if they should consider to start a family.


  • Ideal for singles, newly married
  • Walk-in closet/dressing room that is convenient after a bath
  • Stylish and hotel feel
  • May need to open both windows (Room & Bathroom) to air out the moisture since there is no door to separate the bath area
  • Layout is fixed at the point of installation, hence no re-arrangement can be made thereafter
  • Definitely not suitable for big families with elderly or young children

Image source/credit: Pinterest


Image source/credit: Pinterest

Frame it up

There is none other than framing up the entire bathroom with glass panels surrounded by the black framing (aluminium/mild-steel). As daunting as it can be, to be laying inside the bathtub while someone just watches you, just like the previous options we introduced above. Such clarity of view can be aesthetically attractive to some, especially for young couples.

Most importantly the homeowners whom opt for this is very comfortable with seeing each other in that sense. If not, it is great for singles!


  • One look and you will know if someone is using the bathroom
  • High clarity of view/lighting
  • Attraction for young couples
  • Not suitable for big families or with children
  • May look cluttered with unnecessary placement of decor items

We hope you enjoy reading these astonishing concepts and ideas for different kind of preference, and purposes for your bathroom, of course a normal bathroom works well too. Most importantly it is to suit accordingly to your preference and lifestyle.

The Design Scientists is more than welcome to discuss with you on your new home renovation journey and advise you on the style that you preferred and how you can elevate your bathroom interior and maximise storage spaces, creating a bespoke home. Chat us up or drop us a message to discuss with us today!

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